Video by Federico Giussani on mapp(ear)ing the upper half of the landscape

Below a video edited by Federico Giussani with some of the shots he proposed in the exhibition “…and thence we came out, and saw again the stars” at the Toscana Foto Festival

The video was shown for the first time during the evening about mapp(ear)ing the upper half of the landscape on July 16, 2015.

federico_giussani_rilcielmassammaAt the end of the presentation, the two authors had the opportunity of taking some night shots and measurements of night sky quality, both in town (on the right a shot in the lawn in front of the Gaetano Badii library in Massa Marittima) as well as in the countryside (Agriturismo Tesorino, between Massa Marittima and Follonica) with a reading of  20.99 mag/arcsec^2 around midnight, and with the Milky Way well in sight.

The video proposes some of the images from the exhibition, with various types of postproduction.

The photo exhibition will be at the Chiostro di S. Agostino, in Massa Marittima, until August 9 2015.

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