The layout of the stand at the DITOs final event (Brussels, Apr. 3, 2019)

The network had an interesting appearance in the final day of the European project “Do-it-together Science”. Below you see the stand (or the travelling micro-museum) before the start of the “marketplace” session. In this there were about fifteen companies from all over Europe, including other Italians, but with the network as the only subject with a project from Italy. We don’t have a photo of the stand at the end of the session (since the layout changed gradually, as people were stopping by and interacting with the different features), but we will do our best to cover this aspect with our report on the overall trip.

The flagship initiative for during this day was the announcement of the upcoming geomusical mission of the Jug Band from the Metalliferous Hills to Germany, with a stop a Politecnico di Milano, from May 30 to June 3.

For those of you in Milano, please note the meetup on Friday, April 5, @ Soul Food, via Gola 3, from 6.30PM to around 8PM. Here you can get a live summary of the Brussels experience, and more hints on the Summer campaign. For more information:

Here are some items from the stuff-o-theque