The award by “La seconda luna” for BuioMetria Partecipativa

The BuioMetria Partecipativa project won the Special Award for scientific and technologic innovation passion of the “La Seconda Luna” national prize, by the Municipality of Laives/Leifers, Sudtirol.

The contest required to apply with a presentation of one’s passion. The contest web site is not longer online, unfortunately. There were over 1000 participants from all over Italy. BuioMetria Partecipativa ended fourth.

As a peculiar situation: the contest rules explained that there would have been three prizes, for the first three “passions”. The prizes were also interesting (15000, 10000, and 5000 Euro). For some reasons, the jury decided that BMP was something that needed to have some recognition, so they proposed creating a slot for a fourth winner (and 2000 Euro, which was not bad). This money was used to sustain various BuioMetria Partecipativa operations (buying some sensors in addition to the one we had been using in the first year, stickers and other information material etc.).

You can get some hints about the Seconda Luna contest from this press clip, and from this video (subtitles in English)

Below is the full picture from the award ceremony