PORGEP stands for pibinko.org Exchange Program, or “programma di scambio pibinko.org” in Italian.

This idea was started in a non casual manner in 2006. The concept is to create a situation where at least three subjects meet, having some affinities and some strong differences, but with a common goal of personal growth. The outcome can be documented under the form of positive feedback from the participants and the hosts, professional qualification, and socio-economic benefits of various sorts. Most of the initiatives which you see documented from the pibinko.org web site (e.g. the More info on…, News, Nei media, Services), especially from Fall 2006 onwards, are based on a PORGEP logic.

Would you like to be a part of PORGEP?

This can be as a participant, as a host, or as a sponsor. In any case, there are two steps to start with:

  • Express your interest by sending an e-mail toinfo@pibinko.org, specifying the role you envision, and a topic (either within those managed by the pibinko.org network, or a new one);
  • indicate places and dates of interest via this page, following the instructions you will find therein.

You will be then contacted to discuss your idea more in detail.

The Hungry March Band in Cagliari, Summer 2005

p.s. is PORGEP original?

We don’t know. We know of similar formats and experiences around the world. What we know is that (a) it is based on a fairly creative and original path, as confirmed by various authorities and that (b) we acknowledge third parties according to their terms on re-use of their work, as far as we can. For any inquiries: info@pibinko.org