Photos and videos from the three-day tour during the International Open Data Day in Southern Tuscany

Highlights of the three-day set of events related to our Southern Tuscan participation to the International Open Data Day.

The main square in Scansano, the location for our Southernmost events, mostly known for its wine production.
Cafe “La Posta”, the venue for our talk
On Saturday we returned to Torniella. This the “disclosure” of the community map to the Farma Valley residents
Many citizens found references to places they actually forgot, or just heard in conversations but never located on a map.
At the end of the event, potential developments are discussed
An excerpt from the community map: place names missing from the official base maps have been recorded via interviews to old hunters, mushroom seekers and other “Farma Valley insiders”
The third event was in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, with the presentation followed by an extended jam session:

Kudos for the three-day marathon go to: Matteo Ceriola, Luca Pau from the “La Posta” cafe, Fernando Tizzi, Elino Rossi, Mario Straccali, Luigi Ciampini, Pietro Marini, Dario Canal, Simone Sandrucci, Pietro Crivelli, Wolfgang Scheibe, Enrico and the girls from the ARCI community centre in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina.