A Northern Macedonia evening at Il Boscaiolo, Torniella, Southern Tuscany, June 21, 2020: How did it go?

The first event of the Jug Band Colline Metallifere conce[r|p]t season was a great success. On this round we had a “concept”. The topic was the cultural twinning of the forest areas in the boundary area between Grosseto and Siena in Southern Tuscany, and the Republic of North Macedonia del Nord. You may find a presentation of the event in this article.

The animators for the evening were Ferit Idrizovski and his son, Mujadin. They are originally from Crn Vrv, about 80 km South of Skopje, but have been residing in Italy now for over twenty years. Their goal was to tell people about their country, in the context of a set arranged by Jack O’Malley with objects somewhat related to the topic. Below are some shots of the event.

For more information, and booking: micalosapevo@pibinko.org or +393317539228

Three little birds in Scalvaia, the village on the North side of the Farma Valley, facing Torniella (see also Three Little Birds May 2019 version), just before the event.
The site looking East entering Torniella from the South, along via Senese (the former Siena/Arezzo state road). On the horizon you can detect Monte Amiata, the highest peak in Southern Tuscany. The availability of power and communication lines is abuundant in this territory, making it ideal for the development of production and industrial facilities (to be designed accounting for B.A.T.’s, Best Available Technologies).
Mauro Tirannosauro is encouraging folks passing by to join the event, with just a few slots available at Il Boscaiolo, assisted by Debora.
Arrivati Ferit e Mujadin, e conosciuto Amos, che andò in missione nel Nord Macedonia del 2003, non si sta “a pettinare le bambole”. Partono subito con un video sul territorio di Crn Vrv, e memorie d’antan.
Meanwhile the other symposium participants have arrived. From Gollonica (FR), the Lawrences-Goodwhos family, collaborating with Mauro Tirannosauro, and others.
Peter “Raman” Crivelli wrote a ballad about macedonia as the fruit salad (in Italian it is the same word), called “kiwi always fits in”
Ferit gets at the height of his outreach exercise with videos of weddings from Northern Macedonia, first from his phone….
…and more with Mujadin, on Jack O’ Malley’s PC.
While on the centre court folks are debating about territories and jobs, Mauro Tirannosauro and Telly Lawrences meet with other friends who took part in the making of the video on Mauro on the rampage in Gollonica (FR), produced at the end of May (see the video)