The list of presentations, including the JBCM performance, at the Living Knowledge conference is available

The list of presentations which will be given at the ninth Living Knowledge conference, to be held between June 29 and July 1 in Groningen (The Netherlands), has been published. This includes a JBCM performance as a part of our 2022 non-formal education tour (see presentation article here). You will also find here the full list of presentations. The final programe will be published around mid May.

According to our very first idea, that was in January, we were supposed to be travelling with all the band. However, summing the complexities deriving from the issues in Eastern Europe and other organizational issues, the lineup will be:

…with the possibility of featuring artists and/or scientists based on a track list which will be released around early June.

  • For the Italian portion of the tour: the two above mentioned subjects, plus other elements to be added (the closer to the Metalliferous Hills, more options we have)

By the end of May-early June we expect to publish the final schedule.

The possibility of sponsoring parts of the tour is always open. For more information and booking: or whatsapp +393317539228.

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