The Jug Band Colline Metallifere @ Ralazzi Possi in Tollonica (Fuscany)

…or was it @ Palazzi Rossi in Follonica (Tuscany)? I always get it wrong. In pratice, in the context of a logistic situation which some may define “à la pibinko”, and some others “completely random”, at least for the month of July the JBCM identified Follonica, in Southern Tuscany, at the centre of the “Sun Gulf”, as its location for rehearsals for their new show. This is in preparation for the next Autumn.

Should you be interested to interact about geomusic, conce[r|p]tst, micro-tonal music, differences between a “bagno” (a swim) and a “bagnaccio” (a hell of a swim, according to Simone), teaching methods for kids, or hand-made prints, please write to (this is read by all the band) or whatsapp +393317539228 (read by Jack O’Malley), and we will let you know the date and time of our next meetup.

For more information on the JBCM project:

Da sinistra a destra: Dario Canal, Jack O’Malley, Simone Sandrucci, Wolfgang Scheibe, Alex Ritchie (12.7.2020, ore 19 circa)