Tatti and its Stones, feat. Liliana Cafiero (Participatory Lithology, Take 3)

Following the “hard-folk” performance by Francesco Ceri from Matti delle Giuncaie, here comes the third Participatory Litology track proposed by the Jug Band Colline Metallifere.

Imagine a jazz club ambiance: low ceiling, spirals of smoke in the air, whisky with ice, stirred, not shaken.

Images flow in the background, between snapshots of Tatti, Southern Tuscany, the home base of Participatory Lithology, and details of some of the “rocks” that the classifiers are analyzing from their homes.

A Tatti dei sassi ho ritrovato | In Tatti I found some stones
Lì giù nella cantina del poro zio Renato
| Down in poor old Uncle Renato’s cellar

Forse li avrei buttati via | I might have thrown them away
data la mia ignoranza di gee-ooo-logia
| given my ignorance in geology

Poi venne l’ispirazione | Then I had an inspiration
metter le foto in rete per catalogazione
| to put their photos online to have them catalogued

Grazie agli amici in rete | thank to friend I have across the network
mi son fatta un elenco che in molti invidierete
| I eventually made a list that many of you will envy

…and kudos to all the Participatory Lithology team!

For information and booking: micalosapevo@pibinko.org