Musical tracks

Rock, blues, beat, garage, folk, in Italian and English. The MHJB also proposes covers of lesser knownsongs by famous artists, as well as various original songs. In addition to songs by Etruschi from Lakota and previous bands where Dario and Simone were active, at present we have a blues on air quality in Milano, and an Italian cover of the Fishin’ Blues mostly known in the Taj Mahal version. That makes a list of about forty songs, plus the possibility of jamming as needed.

Technical and cultural tracks

BuioMetria Partecipativa (participatory night sky protection and promotion), Gutenberg-style prints,community mapping, history of Southern Tuscany and of the Mediterranean, palla a 21 (or palla eh!),free/open-source geographic software and data, biodynamic agricolture, etc. This list is intentionally unsorted somewhat obscure. We encourage you to review the web site for ideas and details about these topics, on which we will be glad to elaborate if you have questions…please write to