Participatory Lithology /track 1 / demo take 2 (Francesco Ceri from Matti delle Giuncaie)

We leave the floor to Francesco Ceri, mandolin and lead vocalist with Matti delle Giuncaie. This is a “hard folk” band from Southern Tuscany with a touring track record also in Canada, France, and Germany.

Francesco is an early fan of the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band. Having learned about the project back in 2018, he immediately expressed his interest to collaborate to some “geomusical” situation. So now we proposed him to cover what we are currently calling “Participatory Lithology track 1” with lyrics by Jack O’Malley. This has also been performed by Jack O’Malley feat. Mauro Tirannosauro. A translation of the lyrics is provided below the video. The tune was inspired by Pietre, a 1967 song by Antoine and then Gian Pieretti.

Kudos to Francesco for his participation!

If you too would like to propose a performance (we are considering songs related to stones, rock, and minerals) please check the Participatory Lithology project presentation, and then write to to discuss ideas as an entertainer, or to for the other roles in the project (collector, classifier, or sponsor).

Sono a Tatti e fotografo le pietre | I am in Tatti, taking picture of stones

Sto a Torino e classifico le pietre | I am in Turin, and I am classifying stones

Dovunque sono, sai, dei minerali assai | wherever I may be, if there loads of minerals

li analizzo dalla rete senza guai | I analyze the on the net with no troubles

Sarà così – finché mi va – sarà così | this is how it’s going to be, as long as I want to

Quando ho fatto, a classificar le pietre | when I am done with classifying stones

ci faremo un bel sito con le pietre | we will make a nice site with our stones

Ma non solo in rete dài, se volete siamo qua | but, come on, not just on the web…if like we are here

ci verrete a visitar in Maremma | you can come and visit us in Maremma [i.e. Southern Tuscany]

Sarà così – un giorno dài – sarà così