Mauro Tirannosauro has a drink with the Etruscans

…but not the Etruschi from Lakota, with the real Etruscans. Last night he was in Vetulonia (Southern Tuscany), after completing the olive harvest for this year, to meet some friends of the palla a 21/palla eh! network. In the photo opportunity, we see Mauro with Graziano Poli (one of the Etruschi from Vetulonia) and Claudio Spinosi, aka Bob, from Torniella.

Mauro could obviously not be exempted from briefing the Vetulonia crew about the upcoming mission from the Metalliferous Hills to Milano, even though the main story which we all liked to hear once more was the one about Bob and Mariano in Siena to attend a think tank concerning the Capital of Culture workshop (see link) back in 2014.

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