Mauro the T-Rex: I have some Rocks (Participatory Lithology Demo Take 4)

All of the Big Kahunas in the music production business were hearing about this for some time: a collaboration between the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, the geomusic guys, and Mauro the T-Rex. First they heard about a potential joint tour in Japan. Then, that mishap with Pellegro, the tenor sax with the Jerry Brecker, for one reason or another, the affair was not going anywhere.

Then came Participatory Lithology. This story turned out to provide the right setting. Inspired by a famous American duo from the Sixties, Simone Sandrucci, lead guitar with the JBCM, and Mauro, take some lyrics by Jack O’Malley on the story of this little resilience project, and end the tune with an invitation for all their audience. The video is subtitled in English (not all may understand the T-Rex accent) and in Italian. If you like it, please consider putting something in our digital busking hat.

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Thanks also to Luca Guerrieri, Alberico “Open G” Mattei, and Martina Busonero.

[Technical note: to get to a perfect syncing of the tracks used in this video with pibinko’s netbook is almost impossible in less-than-geologic time. Please enjoy this demo take in the meantime, and we will see if we can provide a proper edit once we can have more suitable hardware. Or, if you would like to help out on a second edit, please write].

For the other candidate title tracks for Participatory Lithology, you may also see Demo Take 2 (Francesco Ceri dei Matti delle Giuncaie), and Demo Take 3 (Geojazz con Liliana Cafiero).

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