Lithobag #6: Third Stone from the Sun

[If you missed Lithobag #1, with the preface to this blog series, you can find it here]

[If you don’t know Participatory Lithology, check out its first week summary, and be sure to check our title track before you read on.]

Coming up is a Lithobag suggested on March 25 by Elio from Cascina, not far from Pisa and the leaning tower. This comes after yesterday we learned that Participatory Lithology was presented as a “rocky” project…so want to share some real rock.

The peculiar thing about this song is that for some reason “Big Tube” does not expose the original version by Jimi Hendrix…you get it as covered by Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Lukather, played at 45 rpm, in reverse…and the version by Jaco Pastorius, who manages to go beyond Jimi in terms of psychedelia. But I couldn’t find the original version on Big Tube (so here it is from an alternative site).

As a proper video, I would in any case like to propose one of the most recent covers. Please welcome Gary Clark Jr. (which we like in the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, often proposing hisGovernor song).

This version of Third Stone from the Sun should possibly go with a big cup of tea, and sample C018 from the Participatory Lithology gallery. The original version actualy has some lyrics, which Jimi’s successors eventually forgot. And regards to Elio!

Strange beautiful grass of green, | strana e bellissima erba verde
With your majestic silver seas | con i tuo maestosi mari d’argento
Your mysterious mountains I wish to see closer | le tue misteriose montagne, che vorrei vedere più da vicino
May I land my kinky machine? | posso far atterrare la mia strana macchina?
Although your world wonders me, | per quanto il vostro mondo mi stupisca
With your majestic and superior cackling hen | con le vostre maestose e superiori galline starnazzanti
Your people I do not understand, | non riesco a capire la vostra gente
So to you I shall put an end | per cui metterò fine a voi
And you’ll never hear surf music again | e non sentirete mai più musica surf