Lithobag #2, Mar. 30, 2020: Your Heart is made of Stone

[If you missed Lithobag #1, with the preface to this blog series, you can find it here]

[If you don’t know Participatory Lithology, check out its first week summary, and be sure to check our title track before you read on.]

…so we move on from “them” to an Italian band which I got to know personally quite well in the first decade of this century. I am speaking of The Pretty Face from Milano, Italia.

The Staggers, from Graz, Austria, at the 2005 Pianello Val Tidone Beat Festival (Italy)

Thanks to the Pretty Face, and one of their peers, Corrado from LO-FI Milano, I was introduced to the world of contemporary garage-beat. I was so into it that in 2005 I recall proposing them to launch as sort of “national strategy for the return of Beat”. The plan did not take off…but some of the ideas which were laid on the table in that period eventually took different shapes and are now alive. Among other business, The Pretty Face asked me to produce a video for the release party of one of their singles. This was at The Rocket Club in Milano. For this venture I summoned Lucio Monocrom, the director with whom I collaborated for The Revenge of the Killer Chihuahua and of the Zombies, and Ermanno X, the news that kills. Below you can see what we came up with, with a surprise finale…for a garage band.

Per l’occasione alleghiamo una foto di un campione C013 della Litologia Partecipativa a forma di cuore. Più o meno. Dalla Collezione C (Fam. Cortesi) a Tatti. Grazie a Carolina e a risentirci domani.