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Mauro wants to join Participatory Lithology

Somehow the first announcement of the participatory lithology reached “Mauro il tirannosauro” (Mauro the T. Rex). Mauro proposed himself as mascot for the Participatory Lithology project, sending a portfolio which leaves no doubts on his performing potential:

Mauro contemplating part of “collection A”
A close up of Mauro in his garden with one of the samples. Mauro: the part is yours!

We will get to see Mauro soon in action.

To be part of our “little participatory lithology exercise”, as collectors, classifiers, entertainers, or sponsors, please visit the project web page to check what this is about, and then write to

Brano raccomandato: Bring it on dei T. Rex

The geomusical “30 hour” tour between Roccastrada and Massa Marittima, Southern Tuscany: how did it go?

Between Feb. 29 and March 1 with the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band we set up two events which we proposed as a continuum between participatory mapping and live music, in line with our project.

In this post you can find the presentation of the story and, below, some snaphots of the two events.

Meanwhile, the Roccastrada community map will remain at Bar Moderno, available for customers to add missing place names. Shortly we will announce a date where we will be presenting the results of the participatory mapping exercise.

For more information and booking: or +393317539228

Feb. 29, 2020, 6.15PM – Bar Moderno in Roccastrada , Southern Tuscany. The initially-shy approaches to the map.
6.53PM – The “aperitivo” gets more crowded. The map is moved to a table while the Jug Band starts mounting their set. Enter Federico, on of the “place name masters”.
8PM, the musical set is ready, globe included. The briefcase used by the JBCM as an info point will appear shortly. This contains on each exhibition a pseudo-random subset of items and documents related to activities of the JBCM collective members on culture and environment (see this post for a catalog made during an event in Florence last year, as an example)
Jack O’Malley and Dario Canal working on the song list
1.30AM – folks at the bar continue to populate the map during the after-show DJ set by Nik
Wolfgang is seeing brezels also in guitar cables, thinking about the 2020 Brezel Tour
around 3AM. End of the show. Mirko Falchi from Bar Moderno, with a refreshing snack, checks out the results of the participatory mapping session.

Sunday, March 1, 5.30PM – The set is ready. The globe is always on, and the info material on our culture and science topics is available for consultation.
One of the moments of the show dedicated to Lucio Dalla, as an extension to the typical JBCM track list (photo M.F. Villino)

For more information and booking: or +393317539228