Activities by Andrea Giacomelli (aka pibinko) et al. on community involvement, awareness raising, event promotion, and facilitation


This page memo provides an overview of past and ongoing activities related to awareness raising, dissemination, and community involvement since 2000.

In the list below I have separated individual events or very short projects (e.g. a one week "campaign" or a presentation), from long-term running initiatives.

Who is the owner of this track record ?

In most of these activities I have been collaborating with various experts. Above all I would like to mention Mario Straccali, Claudio Spinosi, Stefano Costa, Giorgio Ruzzene, Alessio Guerrini, Claudia Ceroni, Simona Lombardelli, Francesco Giubbilini and Gianluca Cangini, but many more have contributed. If you will explore any of the links below, you will find additional references concerning the contribution of these people to each of the initiatives.


Most of the initiatives are currently documented in Italian. However brief descriptions are available in English, and the majority of videos produced in relation to the projects is subtitled in English. I am in any case available to provide further details in English if needed.

Events or short projects


  1. Survey of GIS skills in Sardinia, with web forms and paper dissemination. 120 replies obtained. (web references are currently lost!)
  2. 2005

  3. photo reporter for various events (mostly live concerts) [1]
  4. organized "parallel" events to social programme of INSPIRE conference in Alghero, Italy (e.g. dinners, outings, attendance to concerts)
  5. 2006

  6. Scripted and co-produced a short movie [2] with a production team involving 30 people
  7. 2007

  8. video "spot" for the Italian OSGEO Chapter [3]
  9. Promoted and managed a "mission" of a group of 20 players of an ancient hand ball game from Souther Tuscany (for Spanish folks: very similar to pelota Valenciana), to Chicago, Illinois in the Summer calendar of events by the Dept. of Culture of this city [4]
  10. 2008

  11. participated in the organization of an OpenStreetMap event in Arezzo [5]
  12. created a three-month participatory mapping campaign in Milano [6] (for Milano I created the title "M(')appare"). Various people took part in the events, including citizens which you might not expect, such as a blind lady, or people typically disconnected from ICT and mapping. Note: The M(')appare was then used as a "format" in Ferrara, Portofino, Antola Park.
  13. organizer of a national conference on "Culture, environment, and free/open informatics: which opportunities by the integration of diverse themes" [6.1]
  14. Proposal and management of a stand at Festambiente (the main Summer festival on environment in Italy), for the Italian OSGEO Chapter, together with collateral activities. [7]
  15. promoter and manager of two photographic exhibitions (one in Tuscany and one in California) and one photographic contest on the ancient Tuscan hand ball game [8]
  16. 2009

  17. winner of national award (with Francesco Giubbilini) for the showing effective activities integrating technology, environment, and citizen participation [9]
  18. festa di capo danno (with participation for three days of 50 people from outside Tuscany in a village of 200 residents) [10]
  19. 2010

  20. "l'altro lato dell'altro lato" - farewell event for a major radio show (l'Altro lato - creator of the event, and part of the organizing committee). The event was attended by over 250 people from all over Italy. [11]
  21. photographic contest "between dusk and dawn" (with some 600 participants from 52 countries) [12]
  22. organizer of the "First INSPIRE mashup" (on biodiversity), from April to the INSPIRE conference in Krakow [13]
  23. 2011

  24. Presentation of the association at Terra Futura (Florence, one of the main events in Italy on awareness raising about environmental sustainability), with a session on light pollution and a concert arranged in the evening. [14]
  25. Lecture at Politecnico di Milano [15] (this is included as an "event" since it was provided as a performance, rather than a "standard" lecture).
  26. Proposer and manager of the second INSPIRE mashup [16], including a social event and a live radio interview with Radio 24 (the main "news and talk" radio in Italy).
  27. Photo exhibition in the Toscana Foto Festival of a selection of the best shots from the "Between dusk and dawn" contest in 2010.
  28. Festambiente stand for [18]
  29. 2012

  30. Presentations at various events related to biodiversity, in the context of the ENVIROFI project (see below)
  31. Coordination of the exhibition and a web catalogue for the SocietÓ Filarmonica Popolare Torniella [20]
  32. Organization of a two-day event on Culture, environment, and open innovation (Nov. 19, Monticiano, and Nov. 20, Massa Marittima) [21]
  33. Organization of presentation for the proposal of comments to the new Master plan on environment and energy by Regione Toscana[22]

Long-term projects

  1. 2003-2006: I had the role of staff manager in the Italian branch of a large environmental engineering company (multinational). In addition to recruitment etc, among my tasks in this role I had the responsibility of creating and managing entertainment/social activities for the staff and for guests/clients (mostly from the USA).
  2. 2008-ongoing: BuioMetria Partecipativa project (participatory light pollution monitoring) [21], then leading also to CORDILIT [22] and Toscana Stellata [23]
  3. 2007-2010: (the Italian OSGEO Chapter) - Founding member. Board member (2007-2008), and vice president (2008-2010). Mainly active in communication/marketing, and relatioships with other entities. [24]
  4. 2010-2012: Facilitator of the INSPIRE Thematic Working Group for the Production and Industrial Facilities data specification.
  5. 2012 -2013: Citizen science coordinator for the biodiversity work package of the ENVIROFI project [19]