Cultural mediation on the Third Farma Valley Winter Fest appreciates the value of languages and dialects. Following an exercise we already made in 2007 with our first movie”The revenge of the Killer Chihuahua and of the Zombies“(note: this link leads to an Italian page, but if you scroll it you will find the translation), in the weeks surrounding the Festival we will try to translate in as many versions as possibly the name and the motto of our event. Without using machine translation of expert mailing lists. In 2007 we got to 29.

We start with:

Italiano: Terzo Festival d’Inverno in Val di Fama…tre giorni di pici, amore e musica.

  • English: Third Farma Valley Winter Fest…three days of pici, love, and music
  • Castillano: Tercero Festival de invierno en Val de Farma…tres días de pici, amor y música (Valeria Solomon, 27-11-18)
  • Moldavian/Romanian: Al treilea Festiva de iarnă în Valea de la Farma …trei zile de pici, dragoste şi muzică (Valeria Solomon, 27-11-18)
  • Russian: Третий зимний фестиваль в Валь-ди-Фарма …Три дня домашней пасты (pici), любви и музыки (Valeria Solomon, 27-11-18)


  • Do you have a translation to propose for a language or a dialect which is missing? Do you have comments or adjustements for an existing version? Please write (