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Geo Bernardini interviewd on Palla eh/palla a 21 in Tirli, Tuscany

Realizzata nella seconda parte dell’intervento nell’ambito del corso di formazione per il patentino dell’ospitalità del Comune di Castiglione della Pescaia (GR), giovedì 7 marzo a Tirli (vedi annuncio e articolo su Il Tirreno ed. Grosseto).

Geo Bernardini, introduced by Massimo Signori (aka The Boss , and ball-maker) tells how the palla eh! or palla a 21 ball was made just after WW2.

Thanks to Cristian from Il Leccio Moro for their hospitality, and to Carolina Corsali for the organizational support.

The, if you are curious of checking how the ball is made today, see the videos with Ilo Ferrandi in Torniella ( 2007 or 2018)

Sunday, after lunch, in Casal di Pari, Tuscany (Feb. 17, 2019)

Romano Granci from Casal di Pari and Claudio Spinosi (aka Bob) from Torniella elaborate on innovation technology applied to the automotive sector. This happens while in the background folks from Florence try to play Palla a 21, locals meet visitors from whom they already met 1991 in a disco, and other typical situations.

This all happens five days before the mission to bring the micro-museum from the Farma Valley to Florence.