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Livin’ Milano, “Pennsylvania Drums” edit

[NOTE: this video has Italian subtitles. To turn them on, click on the “CC” icon you will see when you move the mouse over the video once it is playing]

During our Easter rehearsals, while SImone and his slide guitar were tossing and turning over a huge family lunch in Montecastelli Pisano, we had the visit of a delegation from Maryland and Pennsylvania (“friends of a friend” from Torniella), in addition to some your folks from Tatti.

In the American team, it turned out that Blaise is an ex drummer (now into congas). Replacing the drum brushes with two actual painting brushes from Wolfgang’s toolkit as drum sticks, we had the first video version of Livin’ Milano. This requires some adjustments, but is good enough for a casual Easter afternoon at home, and is cool for the audience feedback, 41 days from the departure for the Politecnico di Milano + Germania mission.

The song was written by Jack O’Malley around 1991. At the time he was studying air pollution monitoring in Politecnico, and one of the considerations he heard was that, by using the then new car retrofit technologies there was the possibility of having the same level of air pollution with a larger number of cars circulating. The lyrics were recently edited to reflect new thigs happening.

Geo Bernardini interviewd on Palla eh/palla a 21 in Tirli, Tuscany

Realizzata nella seconda parte dell’intervento nell’ambito del corso di formazione per il patentino dell’ospitalità del Comune di Castiglione della Pescaia (GR), giovedì 7 marzo a Tirli (vedi annuncio e articolo su Il Tirreno ed. Grosseto).

Geo Bernardini, introduced by Massimo Signori (aka The Boss , and ball-maker) tells how the palla eh! or palla a 21 ball was made just after WW2.

Thanks to Cristian from Il Leccio Moro for their hospitality, and to Carolina Corsali for the organizational support.

The, if you are curious of checking how the ball is made today, see the videos with Ilo Ferrandi in Torniella ( 2007 or 2018)