Call for translators for the network (and the Jug Band Colline Metallifere)

The network has been active for 15 years in the protection and promotion of lesser-known assets in the fields of culture, environment, and open innovation. We are interested to receive expression of interests to collaborate as translators for our network.

Since 2010, the website is maintained in Italian and English. Since Spring 2019 we also have the Jug Band Colline Metallifere website (, which was designed to be in Italian, English, and German. Overall, as of November 2021 we have around 2500 blog posts and over fifty pages, which are related to some 2000 files of multimedia content (not counting external links).

We do our best to keep all the language versions in sync, but -depending on the effort required by our various projects- we cannot always ensure that the non-Italian versions of the sites are up to date.

Furthermore, in the context of our mission, we are interested to have material in as many languages as possibile. In this respect, our flagship initiative to date has been the “Revenge of the Killer Chiuhuahua and of the Zombies” movie. In this case we managed to have the translation of the title in over twenty languages, dialects, and scripts (including Egyptian hyeroglyph), without using internet (see this blog post).

This said: if you like this context and are interest to collaborate with the network, please send an email to, indicating:

  • which languages you can use. Our current priorities are Italian to English, and Italian or English to German, but feel free to indicate other language combinations.
  • your motivations to collaborate
  • what type of compensation you would like to have (to date we have been dealing with: mondey, goods or services, educational credits, etc.

This call will be open until further notice.

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