Call for Issues on Ethics in Open Science Research

In the framework of the activity that with the network we are conducting as stakeholders in the EU project “ROSiE” concerning ethics in Open Science research (see this presentation article from last December), we have been invited to send to the projects interesting cases of ethics issues. This is the invitation:

Our colleagues from the University of Tartu are looking for cases exemplifying ethical challenges and dilemmas related to Open Science. To that end, the team led by Kadri Simm has created an online platform where case descriptions can be shared with the ROSiE project. The call for cases is open to anyone who has experienced, heard or read about particular challenges in Open Science practice.

ROSiE is specifically interested in examples of ethical dilemmas, conflicts of value, disagreements or problems in the context of Open Science for which it seemed difficult to find a solution. The collected cases will be used to develop training materials on Open Science for researchers, students and citizen scientists, as well as to create an open-access online resource.

With the network we have a fair compilation of such cases. I would say an average of one every 2.5 years since 1994. In relation to our “playlist” we will do a little selection for our ROSiE friends. In any case, we are not jealous, and we are glad to invite others to propose their stories. The link to submit a case is:

If you have learned of this opportunity via the network, should you decide to send a story, of should you need support to do it, you can write to In addition, if you are interested to these topics, we would in any case like to get in touch with you via the same address.

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