Andrea Giacomelli (pibinko) is one of the first stakeholders of the ROSiE project

Andrea Giacomelli (aka pibinko) was invited to be part of the stakeholder group of the ROSiE project. This project is aimed at fostering responsibile open science in Europe. If you are not in the research arena, this might sound a bit cryptic…but you may check out this introduction to to have an idea on what the project wants to help.

So why does Andrea Giacomelli aka pibinko aka Jack O’Malley end up in a pool of experts on this topic? Here is a copy of the presentation you find on

Freelance researcher with 27 years of experience, based in Southern Tuscany and operating internationally. With an MS in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Hydrology, both from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, he has an extensive experience in institutional research programmes, especially within European Union Funded activities. In these projects, as well as in corporate consulting, he has worked as a Geographic Information Systems expert. He also has experience in policy support activities from local to global scales, including being the facilitator of one of the working groups for the data specifications of the INSPIRE Directive, and being part of a pool of experts involved in the definition of priorities for research in initiatives such as the Digital Earth, and other high-level stakeholder groups. Since 2006 he started developing an independent line of activity, creating a bottom-up network of citizens (the network) involved in projects for the promotion and protection of lesser known assets in the fields of culture, environment, and open innovation. This has led to results in the relations between research and society which, albeit on a small scale, have been disruptive for the actors involved. For example, through the BuioMetria Partecipativa project, an initiative for awareness raising and citizen science for night sky quality protection, there have been two national research institutions starting activities on the same topic, with the citizen group acting as a scientific advisor to the research bodies, or to an Erasmus student visiting a rural area in Southern Tuscany, with a direct connection of a foreign university to a local community in Italy (without an Italian research institution involved). Since 2019 he is a member of the “Empowerment, Inclusiveness, and Equality” working group of the European Citizen Science Association. With his combination of activities on one side with a “researcher hat”, and on the other side as a “citizen interacting with researchers”, he has gained a significant track record of cases where research ethics issues are in play. His current flagship project in the area of stakeholder engagement and facilitation is a rock-blues collective, the Jug Band Colline Metallifere, with which he provides events in a format combining scientific outreach and genuine musical entertainment.

Stakeholder activities within the ROSiE project will start at the beginning of next year, but in the meantime we are getting ready. For more information and booking: oppure whatsapp 3317539228