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The recording of the webinar of open-source geomatics, environment and music from Southern Tuscany

With a few days of delay due to minor technical issues, please see the recording of the April 7 webinar I gave together with Etruschi from Lakota on the subject of : “How Free/Open Source Geomatics can integrate in Rural Communities to improve Resilience and Quality of Life“.

The title came out somewhat convoluted, but the talk is definitely more linear. The video was published on the YouTube channel of the Geoforall Network, an international consortium of open-source geomatics labs (if you are not in the field: folks working with lots of multi-coloured maps on computers). With repect to the thumbnails of the videos from other webinars, you might note a difference: instead of the typical slide with a flowchart, or a map, or a bullet list, you see young rockers in action. This is in fact because the presentation, about 45 minutes overall, combines the talking part with a couple of songs performed live during the webinar, on topics related to rural issues, together with some short intervals when the topic was changing (allowing the main presenter to recover some stamina). An introduction to the webinar, providing some of the rationale is provided in a blog post from April 6.

Please enjoy, and let us know if you like the geomatics and music combination:

Thanks again to Geoforall (Rafael Moreno-Sanchez) and ASPRS (David Alvarez) for inviting us.

Pietro Crivelli: Nobody knows when you’re down and out @ Belagaio Castle (Southern Tuscany)

Toward the end of day 2 of the Spring days by FAI (Fondo Ambientale Italiano, Italian Environment Trust), Pietro Crivelli showed up at our info point with pibinko and As a painter and a musician, he grabbed a LAG acoustic guitar casually dropped by the info point, and entertained us with some old standards and some of his own compositions.

See here an instrumental version of “Nobody knows when you’re down and out” (for which he told us he prefers the Bessie Smith to the Clapton version), possibly performed for the first time in a medieval castle in the middle of the woods.


Geomatics and music at FOSS4G-IT in Genova, Italy

With pibinko, Carlo Nardi, and some of Etruschi from Lakota we presented at FOSS4G-IT 2017 a poster on “Analysis of socio-economic benefits of Earth Observation methods with a free/open source approach: a case study between Southern Tuscany and Europe“.

I have been interacting now almost two years with a team which partly does geomatics and land planning, and partly writes music about their territories…are we on the verge of geomusic? or of musimatics? Only playing will tell.

Two of the co-authors, Luigi Ciampini and Pietro Marini, were missing in action (for today).

Some highlights of the presentation

The warm-up during the “ birthday”, with some riffs following After Dark by Tito & the Tarantulas.

…zzogiorno di grano (See the full version from another set Mezzogiorno di grano)

Corn Flakes (see official video)

Kudos by Domenico Sguerso