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An article on dark skies and artificial light in the CNR Book on the Year of Light

The Italian National Research Council published a book with contributions from various institutes which during 2015 were active in the International Year of Light.

This volume also contains a chapter on “Dark skies and artificial light at night” by Luciano Massetti, Francesco Sabatini (IBIMET Firenze) and Andrea Giacomelli (

The book is available in digital format from:

BMP Poster at the International Astronomy Union General Assembly in Beijing, China

This poster was presented at the International Astronomical Union assembly in Beijing, China, in August 2012 …we can’t post a full resolution version to this site, but if you download the image you should get a readable copy of the file.

You may also check our greetings to the IAU 2012 attendees, visit the full BuioMetria Partecipativa web site, or just send an e-mail if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.