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Sharing the Perception of Credibility in Participatory Investigation (2019) – draft

Noisy-Champs (Paris, France) Feb. 2, 2019, 3.30PM

Presentation of the discussion by (in alphabetical order) Giacomelli A., Goebel C, Vargiu A., Van Reeth N, Zimmerman N, concerning the issue of credibility in the context of participatory investigation. Closing session of the workshop “Empowering civil society through participatory investigation?” promoted by the European Citizen Science Association in collaboration with various subjects.

In this summary I applied for the first time in public an idea which I had in 2014 or 2015 in Scansano (Southern Tuscany) during breakfast at Bar delle Cascine (the notes of this are in Tatti, Southern Tuscany).

I proposed to my colleagues the idea of putting this draft into a better shape, since all the workshop participants found it very interesting for its contents and the way they were presented…this is a work in progress in February. If you are interested to know more, please write to

April 25th celebrations with four musical phases

  1. In the morning: philarmonic bands, as appropriate for the institutional commemorations.

Then, after an excellent meal and a play, in the community hall in Montieri, Southern Tuscany, we witnessed:

2) A live show by Etruschi from Lakota, also starting the crowdfunding campaign for their next album (expected issue date: October).

3) A new gathering of the line-up which we saw wrapping up the International Data Day in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, plus Tom “Harp” Newton. This mean Etruschi from Lakota (with Tom as a new fifth member and Dario Canal on the washboard), plus Pietro Crivelli from Piloni on guitar and some vocals, and Wolfgang Scheibe from Tatti on bass.

This session had some blues, such as Stormy Monday and other couple of classics, then raising the tempo to more groovy rockin’ hits (such as My babe etc.)

4) For the grand finale with “O Bella Ciao”, the group was further improved with some girls from the Tatty May choir, plus “the Condor” from Lucca on guitar.

Kudos to all those who made this day possible.

The next events for the current week are: Friday, Apr. 28 in Torino with gli Etruschi from Lakota live at the Hiroshima mon Amour) club and Sunday, Apr. 30 in Torniella with the BuioMetria Partecipativa project (at the Il Boscaiolo restaurant). For more information: