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Nov. 21, 2018: brief Talk on bottom-up Activities at the Workshop on Citizen Science and Environmental Monitoring: Benefits and Challenges

A one-page presentation of the network activities, in particular with reference to the collaboration with the Farma Valley, Tuscany, communities and the Metalliferous Hills Jug Band was included in the scene setting presentations of a workshop on Citizen Science and Environmental Monitoring: Benefits and Challenges held on Nov. 21-22 at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.

You will find the slide at the end of a long but interesting series on this page, or -if you are in a hurry- in the screenshot below. You may also check out the 2018 activity summary (4-page PDF), if you would like to learn more.

Thanks again to Marina Manzoni for the invitation.

Interview for “The Florentine” on the 2012 flooding in Albinia (Southern Tuscany)

theflorentine-allIn early 2013, following a talk I gave in Manciano, Southern Tuscany, on Mapp(ear)ing Maremma in December 2012, I was contacted by The Florentine to answer some questions about a recent flooding event in Albinia, a small village in the plain of the Albegna river.

Initially I was surprised of being contacted to talk about hydrogeologic hazards and extreme event mitigation, on the basis of a presentation where I was talking about participatory mapping and light pollution. Nevertheless, I went back to my notions about “water flowing without pipes”, as I call Hydrology, and I gave my fair input to the magazine.

The interview is available online (I found out in June 2015), and is called: Water, water, water everywhere

July, 2007: Comcast Sports News covers Palla a 21 in Chicago

During our “palla a 21 from Tuscany to Chicago” mission, Comcast Sports News covered the story. They promised that they would send us a DVD copy of the report, but this never happened.

However, during an evening chill-out session in a Chicago bar, we actually saw the report being broadcast, and having a VCR at hand we managed to record most of it from the screen. You can see parts of this between 1’24” and 1’32” of this trailer: