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Assessing the impact of street lighting on Platanus x acerifolia phenology

By Luciano Massetti, from CNR IBIMET Florence, long-time buiometrista.

Published on Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, June 5, 2018.

Photo by Luciano Massetti

• Artificial light affects leaf fall phenology of Platanus x acerifolia.
• Trees exposed to higher level of light maintained green leaves longer in winter.
• Lighting and greening should be jointly considered in the design of public spaces.
• Presence-absence protocol for phenology can be useful in real context monitoring.

A new edition for the Farma Valley Community Map

After about a year from its first publication (see post), an updated version of the Farma Valley Community Map was published. The creation of the map started in 2014, with points of interest being gradually added to the official 1:10000 base maps, leading to document water springs, old gardens, hunting sites and other toponyms related to the life of the communities of this lesser known part of Southern Tuscany.

With respect to the previous version, the map has bee enriched with place names provided in the past months by the Community of Scalvaia, and the area of interest has been expanded to the East, including Poggio alle Pigne, while new surveys are being conducted in this area. Last but not least, the readability of the map has been improved.

The data collected are made available as open data and are published on the Tuscan Region  Open Data portal.

Kudos to Pro Loco Piloni-Torniella for supporting the printing, and once more to the communities of Torniella, Piloni and Scalvaia for the data which they are sharing.

For more information:

The Farma Valley Winter Fest is back: see you in Torniella (Southern Tuscany) on Dec. 17, 2017

One year after the experiment with which we launched a Winter Fest where things happen if at all, in the Summer, here we are with the second edition. Below the flyer, more information is provided:

The action will  be on Sunday, Dec. 17 in  Torniella, Southern Tuscany. The program will be in a single day, still maintaining the gist of  last year’s event, bringing together culture, environment, open innovation, and a cool live soundtrack.

If the weather is good, you are invited to reach the valley from the morning, and enjoy a relaxing hike surrounded by forests, creeks, medieval iron works and castles.

In the afternoon, we start with indoor activities. At 2.30 PM we have an enticing printing workshop by Wolfgang Scheibe . You may also bring along a T-shirt and get it printed live with your own design, under the supervision of “Steppenwolfgang”.

While the ink dries up, the set up the live show by Etruschi from Lakota will be prepared. In 2016 they were the main act and the revelation for many at the Winter Fest. This year they are back during the tour to promote their third album, Giù la testa. The band will play their  new tracks, as well as some of their greatest hits. Rock ‘n’roll is assured.

As a backdrop to these events, and as a link to the surroundings, we will have the presentation of the updated version of the Farma Valley Community map. This has been assembled since 2015, documenting place names and other indications which are now missing from official base maps through interviews with residents in the valley. Finally, with a clear sky, starting from the late afternoon we will run some BuioMetria Partecipativa. This is a citizen science project, in fact started from the Farma Valley in 2008, and developed with national and international connections, in order to raise awareness about night sky quality.

For information on potentiali itineraries, to check about food, lodging and other enquiries, please contact .

The Farma Valley Winter Fest was created by and is promoted by, Pro Loco Piloni-Torniella, Associazione Filarmonica Popolare di Torniella.

Nov. 25, 2017: The Torniella Philarmonic Band in Rome

Following the wave of events for its 140th anniversary, the philarmonic band of Torniella, Southern Tuscany, will be on Saturday, Nov. 25 in Rome.

The band will be celebrating Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians, together with four other philarmonic bands (Brescia, Napoli, Viterbo, and Nicolosi, Sicily), and the choir directed by Mons. Frisina.

The event will start at 5PM in the church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere.

Milan (Italy), Nov. 30, 2017 – European gathering of Light Pollution Initiatives

Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017, at the Milan Acquarium, there will be a gathering of communities active in Europe on the issue of light pollution.
The event is organized by the Stars4All EU project. The BuioMetria Partecipativa project will be present with a talk.

For more information about the event  and for registration:

For Buiometria Partecipativa fans (or if you are just curious about our project) : if you plan to attend, or if you will be in Milano, can’t attend from 9AM to 6PM but would still like to make contact, please write to