The BuioMetria Partecipativa project was started in 2008 by Andrea Giacomelli and Francesco Giubbilini, two environmental engineers with the parallel objectives of raising awareness on the issue of light pollution, collecting quantitative data on this issue, and promoting participatory processes. Since 2011 the BMP project is managed by Attivarti.org

Not all of the BMP site is translated in English, given the substantial amount of information  and documents created by the project. If you require clarifications on any other part of the site, we’ll be glad to answer via e-mail.

Here are some key resources in English to learn about the BMP project:

  • A two-page executive summary of the project (PDF version) – dated 2014 (still ok).
  • A poster presented in August 2012 at the 18th International Astronomy Union Assembly in Beijing. This provides an interesting overview of the project and its history, detailing key accomplishments from the point of view of awareness raising, participatory data collection, information technology, and national and international relations.
  • A short video greeting message, for those who were in Beijing.
  • The BMP annual reports, in English since 2012.
  • The presentation of a two-day event we organized in November 2012, showing how awareness raising processes on environmental issues may be leveraged by integration with cultural initiatives and participatory initiatives.
  • We also have various featured videos on Youtube subtitled in English. The videos report some of our key citizen engagement experiences in Tuscany (in three episodes: 1, 2, 3) and Sardinia, and a couple of interesting educational ideas to explain the effects of light pollution and the concept of night sky quality.
  • The F.A.Q. on the CORDILIT site. This is the coordination for collection of light pollution data in Italy which we created in collaboration with Veneto Stellato, specifically directed to fixed monitoring stations.
  • To learn more about various aspects of artificial light at night, you may also check out the web site for the  Loss of the Night Network, of which Attivarti.org is an active member.

You may support the BMP project with donations to Attivarti.org association, a non-profit entity which we created in 2011 to manage our awareness raising efforts on light pollution, as well as on other environmental and cultural issues. See the main Attivarti.org web site for more information.

Last but not least: if you are interested in helping in the translation of material for the BMP project, drop us a line.

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