Alcuni brani suggeriti a colleghi che mangiano il pesce a Tolosa

Nel marzo 2014 ero a Tolosa, in compagnia dell’allegra brigata LoNNe…. (CONTINUA…se volete dettagli ora, scrivete a

  1.  Alan Sorrenti, Figli delle stelle (Star children), Italy 1978
  2. Daniele Silvestri, Salirò (I will rise), Italy 2002
  3. The Who, The Seeker: a tune about research. UK, 1971
  4. The Guess Who, American Woman: Live in Winnipeg full version (14’…if you are familiar with the Lenny Kravitz cover, you will recognize this from minute 6. Please see also the real thing in Canada 1970.
  5. Last but not least, another song about “uprising”…Ana Carolina, TÔ SAINDO. In addition to an amount of energy which exceeds the sum of all the songs above, this has a peculiar mix (or today we would say “mashup”) with the chorus from Help by the Beatles (Help – I need somebody becomes Help – Eu preciso sambar… I need to do samba). Brasil 1999